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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 1, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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welcome, septa commuters, they are official license/strike. >> okay, we are, we are not able to come to an agreement with septa so as of 2:01 we are officially on strike. >> this morning we have team coverage for what this means, the latest on the talks, we are with you have step of the the way. plus bill cosby will be back in court later today how his defense team is scrambling to keep his accusers off the stand. clock has run out in new jersey gas tax hike goes into effect and if you think you are only ones feeling pain at pump think again, the other places that will charge more because of the hike. >> so, good day, everybody. we do have some this breaking
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news, this will be affecting everyone, throughout the delaware valley, on this tuesday, november the first, new day, new month, big problem. >> good to have have you with, thomas drayton with karen hepp. septa a workers are on official licensely on strike. city buses, trolleys and trackless will trolleys are not running this morning. the so is what running. regional rail, the norristown high speed line, suburban buses, c ct connect and lucy. >> we do have team coverage on this one. we have bob kelly tracking everything in the studio, of course but we will begin with steve keeley, to tell us more of the latest details from jefferson station. steve, kid still have to go to school. >> reporter: this is awful. look at the this bus stop. we are telling people septa is on strike. we are waiting on buses. we are driving down market street and people are unaware because they were at work doing their life and not following the news at midnight.
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who else would know they are surprised. so buses are not going to come. the these two folks here to the left, that we talked to in the bus stop they are wondering how they will get home to west philadelphia, right now, and that is quite an expensive cab ride, and they don't have money for a cab. so we are across from septa headquarters. you see big emblem up above the the front doors there. you can bet there will be a picket line out the here, pretty soon, probably, in past strikes they waited until the morning commute, when people would be on the street to see the the pickets before they got out and about. but you'll be be seeing picket lines all over this city, as early as the next hour. i'm sure now that the news is on and so news is pretty bad. commuters, that we talk to last night, late last night, they were still hoping, but expecting to hear the word strike for sure. >> all right. our steve keeley, time is 4:02. more than 400,000 riders have
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to have find other ways get to work and school as steve just mentioned. lets get tout bob kelly what can we expect? what are we looking at right now, bob. >> reporter: good morning everybody. 4:02. those born and raised and lives here in philadelphia we have been used to the septa strikes no matter how you spin it, it doesn't get easy but as we mentioned here's is what not running. basically anything within the city limits. no city buses or trolleys, no market frankford line, in broad street subways. we just saw steve down there at jefferson station. the what is running are your regional rail lines. septa has made tweaks on the regional rail services throwing in a few extra express trains, turning some trains part of the way they would be local and then they then turn into express. so do check with, the the web site,, we have everything that you need to know, on our web site fox and now that is the place to go. they have hopefully you have been thinking about some
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alternates the last couple of days. the car pooling, cabbing, giving uber a shot, pumping tires up on the bike and check with your employer. the city of philadelphia, has put shuttle bus services, running the exact routes of both market frankford and broad street subway, so that employees, city employees, can get to work. in order to board bus you need to show your city id. so that is an example of where the employers are jumping in, to make sure or i should say make it easier to have have their employees to get to work. so check with your employer. but again city, city, city workers will have that opportunity to use that shuttle will service that runs the exact same route as market frankford and the broad street subway. otherwise, vine expressway looking good. you have to think bit, within the city limits anyone who would typically be using mass transit are going to have to get another means. so we will have grid lock, quick, here in center city.
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ninety-five, the schuylkill, as we mentioned earlier, the schools are opened, public schools are opened, and you're expect to get your child to school, today, and the archdiocese schools are closed today, due to all saints day. so we will get the a break there, with a 50/50 on the schools. otherwise right now no problems on the turnpike, 202, looking good, and no problems up and over bridges. by the way, patco, high speed line, for anyone coming in from new jersey, that is not, affected at all. so patco trains are running, to at least get you in the the city and then on your own from there. thomas and karen back to you. governor wolf releasing this statement regarding the strike. the hundreds of thousands of pennsylvania resident rely on septa to travel each day to and from work and will school and the in ability of twu and septa to reach an agreement is devastating for many of these individual and their families. this will create extreme hardships for the city and for businesses. i have spoken at length with both side and i continue to
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urge them to come together and continue to talk until a compromise is reached. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney had this to say i urge both septa and transport workers union to maintain communication despite work stoppage. the tens of thousands of philadelphians rely on the buses, trolleys and subways. so it is vital for everyone that this situation be resolved as quickly as possible. make sure to stay with fox 29 mayor kenney will be joining us live at 8:00 o'clock on "good day philadelphia". meanwhile ride sharing service uber is looking to cash in during the septa a strike. company announced it will expand its uber pool service which allows customers to share rides with fellow passengers traveling to nearby locations. it is starting to day. uber pool will be available in new jersey, reading and southern parts of the delaware. so obviously this is a developing story. we will stay on top of it the because it will be fast moving and changing all morning long. you can always go to our web site at fox for a link of everything that you need to know about this, just click on
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the as seen on tv tab. lets finally get the a check of our weather, sue serio because it was a nice night for trick or treating. >> it was great, i don't have any problems to report with the weather. we will go right to the number of the day, it is a ten out of ten. there is one thing in your life that is not complicated. there are hardly any clouds but it is chilly this morning as we check or temperatures, only 41 degrees in philadelphia. that is radiational cooling we talk about when there are no clouds. 73 percent relative humidity. sunrise 7:30 on the dot as these days get shorter and shorter. look it is below freezing in mount pocono, allentown, pottstown. 36 degrees in trenton. thirty-four in millville. 40 degrees down in wildwood. it was spooky sunshine yesterday during the day but it was chillier then average. the average high 62. we went to 57. today i think we will be right where we are supposed to be with a high temperature of 62 degrees. your sunset time is 5:58. seven day forecast just ahead, karen and thomas.
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such a busy news day because also happening on this day bill cosby will be back in court for a key pretrial hearing in the sexual assault case. >> his defense team argued that he is blind, unfit to stand trial. lauren johnson joining us from the the montgomery county courthouse. what can we expect from the proceeding to take. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. today's hearing scheduled to start at 9:00 at montgomery county courthouse and we are expected for this to last for about two days. it is his latest attempt to clear his name of sexual assault charges. judge steven o'neill will hear specific arguments in the case this morning. but first whether a deposition by cosby admit to go using drugs to give women for sex can be used at trial. another key issue is when a presents can bring up cosby's prior bad acts against a dozen other women. cosby, who is expect to go to trial in june of 2017 faces three sex assault charges stemming from 2004 encounter
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with temple university employee andrea constand. she said cosby drugged, assaulted her unside his montgomery county home. her story sound similar to five dozen others who have come forward a cowing cosby of the same thing. prosecution will argue to allow testimony from the other women to prove cosby had a pattern of sexually assault would go man and many other cases. the statute of limitations has expired so this is the only time cosby will be able to be tried, for those charges. thomas and karen. >> thanks, lauren. well, also happening today, such a busy day we will be paying more in new jersey for driving in that area and through the state and where you live there. >> after 28 years without a gas hike new jersey lawmakers proved a 20 percent up crease bringing tax to more than 37 cents per gallon. lawmakers said money will fund state road, bridge improvements. supporters say hike is desperately needed because state transportation fund is simply out of money. uber now says it will be hiking its price for ride in new jersey, because of the gas
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tax increase. the it will cost more for them. so in response uber is adding a two cents per mile fee to fares to help drivers pay for gas. new jersey once had secondlyes gas tax in the the nation. you decide 2016. today, marks one week until the election and new numbers show the presidential race is a toss up. in a key battle ground state latest poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump are tied in ohio, florida, clinton is leading trump by just one point. in north carolina a she's up by three points. new national washington post abc news poll show they are equally unpopular, 59 percent, and unfavorable view of both. new fbi e-mail probe surrounding e-mail probe surrounding clinton being addressed at campaign rallies on both side. >> i'm sure they will reach the same conclusion, that they did, when they looked at my e-mail for the last year, there is no case here. >> our country will continue
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to suffer, she's unfit and unqualified to be the president of the united states. >> in the meantime some republicans are calling for the national security community to halt clinton's classified briefing until matter is resolve. trump's retargeting states where clinton has had a slight edge including pennsylvania where she's up by five points in the polls. he will be in valley forge this morning for rally with is in double tree by hilton in king of prussia that begins at 11:00. once again we are covering breaking news this morning, septa workers are officially on strike. >> we will stay on top of this because you need to know all of the developing situations. we have team coverage what you need to know before you head out the door. plus, we want to show you a note, will this get your attention, freak you out, a note from the zodiac killer on cars in one of our neighborhood. maybe just a creepy halloween prank but police say it is in laughing matter. you out.
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no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks.
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pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, 4:14. we have an accident here on i-95 at i-95 southbound between street road, and woodhaven road. it looks like when we have that within lane, squeezing on through at the moment. light volume, right now but that is all going to change as the morning moves on because a lot of folks, are going to be jumping in the car finding alternate means to get to work today with the septa strike. no problems at the moment on
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the blue route looking good on the schuylkill and, of course, on i-95 in towards the city. let's bring in heather redfern, good morning. it was a crazy busy night last night. give our viewers a run down of exactly where we stan right now. let's begin first of all with what is not running this morning. >> all city transit services are in the running. any bus routes through city market frankford line, our broad street line, routes ten, 11, 15, 13, 34, and 36 trolleys are not operating. >> so they are basically all or any of the mass transit systems within the city limit is what is not running. what is running this morning. >> regional rail is operating, any of our suburban bus routes, however, some suburban bus routes will not becoming in the city, and norristown high speed line, and the routes 101, 102 will trolleys are operate to go day. >> heather, we talk maybe make
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something tweaks for some express trains, explain how that may work for folks on the regional rails. >> we did add several trains in between the schedules trains on regional rail, across most of the lines and all of those trains are listed on our web site and that for the morning rush. there was adjustments made to a couple existing trains, so we asked everybody to city, transit riders, regional rail riders to go to the web site and all of that information is there. >> heather, we have all of the details, tips, links, all up on our web site at fox and then we have a direct link right to your web site. heather, just if you can answer for me what happened last night at midnight with the bus that he is were out on the streets, where did they go, did everyone strategically go back to the garage. >> all the buses are back at their districts.
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>> so everything is lock up, and doors are closed and everybody got back safely there were no issues or anything last night. >> no issues last night. >> where do we stand with the bargaining table? what is the next possible time we may hear, a change in the status. >> we will put information out as soon as it is a rail be. the right now talks are broken off but we are hopeful to get back to the bargaining table. >> reporter: heather redfern, thanks so much for joining us. we will check with heather throughout the morning hour by hour and hopefully get those guys back to the table. contingency plan, think about it this morning, a car pool, hopefully you thought about this already, a cab, maybe first time you will try uber, the bicycle, i know that is easier said then done especially for myself. also check with your employer. here's something interesting, the city of philadelphia is offering free express bus services, for city employees, only. those buses, shuttle buses are going to run the exact same
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route, as the market frankford line, and the broad street subway. all you have to do is just show your city id in order to get on the bus. so that is an option that the city is using to make sure that the city employees get to work and keep in mind with the schools, the school district of philadelphia, public schools are opened today and they expect everyone to be in attendance, however, the archdiocese schools are all closed, they were scheduled to be closed to day with a holiday. we may get a little bit of the break there. as far as folks, they are looking for conn singcy plan, sueby how is the forecast. >> just about perfect, bob kelly, it will be warming up over the next couple of days, not unlike what happened last weekend, but this morning it is chilly out there. waiting for a ride or whatever you will to have make sure you have enough on, and what you wear a coat or a swelter, we have high pressure in control, milder days are ahead as high
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pressure will move off shore and a it the is not until thursday that we will see this warm front start to affect us with some rain. here's a look a at your future cast to day, lots of room for sunshine just a few clouds here and there just the same for tomorrow but as we head into thursday we will see rain from the warm front it won't roll until the afternoon so we will get the a chance to get the in the 70's. by thursday we could even tie a record for thursday's high. but here's chilly temperatures here are chilly temperatures for this morning, 35 degrees in reading, 31 in pottstown, 41 in philadelphia, 40 degrees in wildwood. this is chillier morning then it was yesterday but we will recover for a warmer day. wind are not really a factor your average high 61, what do we get for halloween? we have a high temperature of 57 degrees, below average but today right where we are supposed to be and 37 tomorrow. seventy-five on thursday. but after that warm front the cold front comes through, then it chills down friday, sat the day and sun take.
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so back to that autumn chill, karen and thomas. lets get to this developing story, coming to us from mississippi, excuse me, three people have died, several others injured after a car hit a flatbed trailer carrying adults and children on a halloween ride last evening. police say two children and one adult all related were killed in the crash that happened on highway 80 in mississippi. it is located 80 miles east of jackson, other people in the crash did suffer life threatening injuries, we will bring you latest information as it is still coming in. here's the other top stories we are following this morning residents wake up to creepy notes on their cars park in fishtown. sinister words written by the zodiac killer. the letters were found on two street. police are investigating it as a mischief us halloween prank some one placed flyers on several windshield on york street early sunday morning. officers say they are copies of the 1970's letter from the zodiac killer in the the san
4:21 am
francisco bay area which included symbols and threat against school children. local pastor don roth tells fox 29 he recognized the author right away and thought police should know. >> it seemed funny. i grab one, i looked at it, i recognized it right away as a copy of something from the zodiac killer there back in the 70's. contains stuff that is kind of threatening. i figure it would be wise thing to contact the police and let them necessity about it. >> no other letters turned up in the area the officers determine it wasn't anything serious, no one was in danger that it was just a prank. two days later it is still just such a hurt in the gut after that loss to the boys. >> many pointing fingers at the wide receivedders still making mistakes and dropping those balls and now one of those guys is sick and tired of hearing bit and is speaking up. that is coming up next in sports.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. the trade deadline is today and eagles might want to look at wide receiver. eagles wide outs dropped a ton of ball with the the cowboys and that is something nelson agholor is sick of hearing about it. >> no statistic, just win that is all that matters. that is what the coaching
4:25 am
staff care about that is what we all care about winning football games. >> everybody is mad, disappointed, and angry after a tough loss like what we just came through and, you know, cooler head prevail and we had to bite our lips sometimes and suck it up and get to work. >> to college hoops ap preseason rankings came out and villanova getting disrespected, they are ranked number four in the country. they are bringing back most of their guys from the championship team so, they will use this as definite motivation. that is disrespect. they should be number one. that is sports in a minute. i'm don bell. thanks, sean. all eyes are on septa this morning as workers have walk off the job. >> city buses, subways and trolleys no longer carrying passengers after local union decided to go on strike. we will have team coverage of what you need to know before you head out the door, stay with us.
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this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. septa is on strike, many of you to have find a different way to get to work and kids to will school now that the union leaders decided to walk off the job. also, bill cosby heading back to courtroom later today, his defense attorneys trying to get the judge not to allow his accusers on the stand.
4:29 am
also get ready to pay more at the pump in new jersey, garden state is feeling effects of the new gas tax hike. thanks for being with us i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp. i know you are dealing with a lot so lets get right to the breaking news this morning. all eyes are on septa as workers go on strike. >> we came to agreement on simple things as far as bathroom breaks, lunchtime, scheduling, operating fatigue and things of that sort. we will strike as of of right now. >> there were talks all weekend long, that fell apart. >> late last night septa workers hit the picket lines. >> city buses, subways, trolleys nor longer running, we do have team coverage right now, what you need to know, we have steve keeley live at jefferson station but lets start with bob kill toy break it all down, bob. >> good morning, everybody. 4:30 on this tuesday morning and, of course, deal or no
4:30 am
deal, no deal. let's run town first of all we have set up a couple of full screens for you you here of exactly is what not running. not running this morning, the broad street subway, market frankford line, all of the the city, buses, trolley, and trackless trolleys. the basically thinking of anything within the city limit is not the operating this morning. what is running, your options would be all of the regonol rail lines. they are operating. we have talk to heather redfern a few moments ago. they have tweaked service thrown in a few extra express trains along the way that will help, certainly at the norristown high speed line is running, the suburban bus lines are running but they will not, come into the city limits or they will not cross the city line. the cct para a transit services are running, and the lucy survey is running as well. couple of contingency plans. i hope you have one. when we come back to my maps here, hopefully you have been thinking about this. car pooling, cab, maybe using
4:31 am
uber for the first time. how about the bike? check with your employer for some flexible hours or at least avoid crunch time of the rush hour. some employers are putting in employee shuttles. for example the city of philadelphia is offering an employee shuttle which will run the exact route as market frankford line and broad street subway. to get on that shuttle will all you have to do is show your city of philadelphia id and that is one way that the city is insuring that its employees do get to work, work is opened, doors are opened and as far as the schools, well, public schools are opened, the students are expect to be there in class today, we will get the a little bit of the break because today in first all saints day so all of the archdiocese schools are closed, no problems at the moment on the blue route, the schuylkill, the boulevard, and i-95 but as we move throughout the morning expect things to get tight in the just in the
4:32 am
neighborhood but also, on the major roadways and for a look at how things are shaping up outside lets go out to steve keeley live at jefferson station, downtown philadelphia this morning, steve. >> reporter: bob, first of all, it is so quiet on the streets because normally you hear echo of septa buses running even this early. the sat thing is look a at that bus stop straight ahead here on market street at 12th and market. there are people sitting in the bus stops wondering why busies so late. we are doing our best to physically inform people that septa a has gone on strike and as of 12:00 midnight and a lot of people are skeptical i'm even telling them the truth the but we see subway stations all lock up, and bus stations here, little bus stops still full because people they hear the sound of the truck and they think it is their bus. willie brown came after midnight and it was interesting septa put out a press release making it seem
4:33 am
like they were optimistic this there was a deal done. then you hear from the the other side, they were no where near a deal. the here's willie brown, in one of the last commuters who thought he was hoping because the catch of the last bus. >> okay. we are not able to come to an agreement with septa so as of 12:01 we are officially on strike. we could not come to an agreement on certain simple things as far as bathroom breaks, lunchtime for operators, you know, scheduling, operator fatigue and thing of that sort we could not come to any kind of an agreement. we will strike right now. >> just getting off work and time i have to report from the septa web site where they said they were going on strike at 12:00. just trying to get done work at 12:00 to get here and hopefully make the bus. by that time there was just too late. >> reporter: well, here we are at septa headquarters and talks are not going on here but just a few blocks from
4:34 am
here. that is best part of the story is that they are still talking even though septa as their drivers started walking at midnight. so, maybe now that there is a strike, that will put some sense of urgency in the talks but don't count on it. we have had a couple of strikes recently in 05, 09, 16 days, 11 days it usually takes a bit of suffering for the public before everybody is finally realizes we have to get a deal done. willie brown says we have been talking for two years and nobody is budging anywhere. we have conceded but septa has not. we have not heard officially from the septa management since 12:00 midnight since there is a strike and maybe that is a good thing because instead of the talking to the press they are still talk together union, karen and thomas it is a hardship for a lot of people. septa is on strike but life goes on. we will check back with you. 4:34. governor wolf released this statement recording the septa
4:35 am
strike saying... and the mayor had this one to say... make sure to stain tuned to fox 29. we will talk with the mayor at 8:00 o'clock this morning on good day. if you choose to walk or bike you have to deal with the
4:36 am
element, sue serio. >> yeah, it will be perfect. so at least the weather isn't going to give you any trouble this morning. we have a ten out of ten in your weather by the numbers. if you like yesterday even though it was chillier then average you'll love today. the lack of cloud cover has made it chilly this morning in philadelphia. there is an empty bus stop right there. 41 degrees with just a 6-mile an hour breeze out of the northeast but that is chillier then yesterday. thirty in mount pocono. thirty-one in allentown. 40 degrees in wildwood. so, spooky sunshine was your halloween high temperature, 57 w average. sixty-two is the average. look we will get to 62 degrees with plenty of sunshine a little later on to take. we will see how long this trend lasts coming up in the seven day forecast, thomas and karen. >> happening right now, bill cosby is going to be back in the montgomery county courtroom in just a matter of hours. >> he and his team are trying to get sexual assault charge is a begins him dropped before
4:37 am
his trial next year. lauren johnson outside the courthouse. defense trying to clear his name once again. >> reporter: yes, they are and prosecution is trying to prove the 79 year-old had a pattern of bad behavior. he will be here a at montgomery county courthouse this morning for a 9:00 o'clock hearing. they are arguing over his lifetime the comedian has engaged in the pattern of serial sexual abuse. the cosby's defense team is saying yeah, right you are listening to women who offer tainted unreliable memories. his team will ask for competency hearing for any of the women allowed to testify. they will call in a memory expert reviewed the statements and say the accuser's memory are tainted by media coverage, too much time that has past since these alleged encounters and mutual friend ships with one another. prosecution plans to use cosby's own word from a 2005 deposition he gave for a civil lawsuit filed by andrea constand, a temple university employee says cosby drugged and assaulted her inside of his montgomery county home
4:38 am
back in 2004. the district attorney, also want to use the transcript of the secret thely recorded call, between cosby, and constand's mother. many legal experts say that they don't expect the judge to drop the case but what we will learn from these proceedings today which actually is expect to last two daises what evidence will be admitted in that trial for june have of 2017. thomas and karen? >> thanks, very much there lauren. we have other things happening on this very busy morning, drivers in new jersey are going to be paying more if you are fueling up. after 28 years without a gas tax hike new jersey lawmakers did approve that 23 cents increase, bringing that tax to more than 37 cents per gallon last month. law headachers say that this money will help fix road, bridges, supporters say it vice needed because our transportation fund is out of money. time right now 4:38. here's a health warning, women and babies are not only only ones with the serious side
4:39 am
effect with the zika virus, men is now in the danger box. we will explain. thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. welcome back. in your health researchers say the zika virus may affect male reproductive system. studies done on mice, scientists say zika virus attacks cells crucial for sperm, sex harmone generation in the the male reproductive system. this raises possibility that the virus could affect fertility in men. while is there a small link between men and mice, researchers say more work need
4:42 am
to be done to see what percentage of the men who contract zika would be affected and how damaging that infection could be. open enrollment kicks off in individual health insurance plans, millions of people are facing much higher prices and fewer insurance tours choose from. those who need to buy individual health plan have until january 31st to sign up or else face a tax penalty. white house says premiums will go up an average of 25 percent but some members are receiving bills for rates with increases as much as 116 percent. time right now 4:42. it will be a very busy morning, we are waking up to all this breaking news, most importantly the strike. >> septa union workers decide to go hit the picket line after failing to reach a contract agreement. this strike will not just affect your way to work but also how your kid get to will school.
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deal or no deal, no deal. 4:45. septa on strike this morning and here's what is not running. none of the septa buses, or trolleys, within the city limits. the city bus and trolley services are not operating. no market frankford line and no broad street subway this morning. what is running and what you do have an option to use are regional rail lines. now septa has made tweaks for some express services but spending overcrowding, again for folks coming into downtown philadelphia, the regional rail lines are your only
4:46 am
option this morning. we have more details, tips, links on our web site at fox we have a link direct to septa's web site. now hopefully you thought of a contingency plan, maybe talked to folks, at the office got a car pool together, cabs are operating, here's your chance to use uber or lyft for the first time. if you don't have a long distance to go we have a nice forecast to take, maybe fire up old ten speed but check with your employer for some flex hours if you can just avoid, the crunch time of the morning and evening rush hour, that is not going to be the one and done fix but it will be better then going right into the mess of the rush hour. some the of the employees, employers, are offering an employee shuttle. city of philadelphia is offering a shuttle for city employees that will run the exact same route as market frankford, and the broad street subway. all you have to to is just show your city. d and that is one way of
4:47 am
getting, the city employees to work. we talk about schools, or toy say will school's open, public schools are opened this morning and students are expect to be there. we will get a break to day is november 1st, all saints day so archdiocese schools are closed. it was already a prescheduled holiday. right now in problems at all coming down i-95, schuylkill expressway, blue route but this is like that calm before the storm. don't leave home without a game plan. make sure you have a game plan. we have tips and more details, everything you need to know before you get on the go is on our web site at fox here's an example of the center city, vine street expressway, again anything within city limits is where we will see no septa service and even the suburban lines that run in the suburbs, they are not going to cross over the city line. they will basically stop just outside the city limits. coming on the blue route to problems or delays at all
4:48 am
here. at least we're off to a good start on the roads as folks are scrambling grabbing your coffee thinking about what we will do today. what will the forecast be like. >> it is about as smooth as the road are, at the moment, because i say at the moment because as bob just said things will change now because of the clear skies things are on the chilly side but we don't expect any rain. we will go right to the future cast a few clouds here and there this have afternoon and this evening and a lot of sunshine tomorrow. it is thursday that we will get a warm front followed by a cold front which means rain which probably arrives after three or 4:00 in the afternoon. the at least that is what the computer models are telling us now you raining thursday night and into friday morning and then chilly change after that but speaking of chilly, it is only 31 in the pottstown. 39 degrees in wilmington. forty in wildwood. all these temperatures, compared to this time yesterday are chillier but it is not as windy as it was yesterday. is there your trade off, wind are pretty calm this morning
4:49 am
out there. average high about 61, 62 degrees, yesterday for halloween it was 57, great the night for trick or treating, hopefully, 62 degrees today and then we will go above average for wednesday, thursday, 75 degrees before we get some rain and that will chill things out and don't forget this is the weekend thomas and karen that we fall back time change. >> we will get an extra hour of sleep. >> yes, sue, thank you. 4:49. here are our top stories we are following. trial begins for a man charge in the shooting death of a fellow church goer during sunday services in north wales. mark storms is charged with voluntary manslaughter in the death of the 27 year-old robert braxton. prosecutors say that he fired two shots at braxton during services at keystone fellowship church in april. according to investigators it started as an argument over seating, continue in the fist fight and storms got his gun. storms was legally carrying his weapon in defending himself.
4:50 am
happening today, more good news for ride sharing services uber and lyft. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in our area to sign off on a bill that will allow companies to operate throughout the state. a ban was previously put in place where drivers had been punished, and faced hefty fines if they were caught. state lawmakers gave ride hailing services, temporary authorization to ride in the sit bring dnc and made services legal. lets get to this developing story from mississippi, three people have died, more injured after a car hit a flatbed trailer, that was carrying adults and children on a halloween ride. it happened last evening. police say two children and one adult were related and kill in the crash. the it happened on highway 80 in mississippi. the town is located 80 miles east of jackson. it is called chunky. other people that were involve in the crash did suffer what may be life threatening injuries. we will bring you more information as it comes into our news room. also from alabama more
4:51 am
national news, at least one person dead and several others injured after a explosion along gas pipeline this happened in helena west of birmingham after a backhoe head a line. it sent flames high above the trees forcing a 3-mile evacuation this ace i my ill from another section of the pipeline burst in september. that led to gas shortage as cross the south. all right. time is 4:51. forget candy, when it comes to the white house this halloween party all people can talk about was the president's moves, dancing, we will show you next. katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess
4:53 am
at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
4:54 am
looking so lonely out there. things where to pick up though. welcome to fox 29 news, great to have you with us. president and first lady welcome trick or treaters to the white house for halloween. >> they gave out canned toy thousands of children in the washington area in the white house lawn and then president even told students that they could disregard michelle obama paw she loves healthy lunch and evening for just within holiday. first couple danced to michael jackson's thriller with kid, performing basically a flash mob. >> i wanted to see it. we will post it on line or fox 29 to the come.
4:55 am
over to west philadelphia one church made sure safety at center of the halloween in terms of the christian compassion hosted party on 61st and cedar avenue. organizers block off the entire street for two hours so children could trick or treat this is safe environment free from on coming traffic. back inside, no shortage of dancing, games and, of course, those halloween treats. and, scientific twist on the halloween celebrations, last evening, museum, hosting creatures of the night. today all of the snakes out there, they had owls, there we go, and creepy crawlers making an appearance. more than 1300 people came out to trick or treat there at franklin institute for all sorts of the halloween experiments, fun and we see some of the best costumes, i love that, that is a nice way to light a jack lantern right there. awesome costume. we had a lot of fun on good day. >> if you decided to stay at home last night the because i love to see kid excited, smiles.
4:56 am
>> how was it. >> i got full sized candy bars because i wanted to be the cool house. zero trick or treaters. i can still picture myself sitting there waiting, looking through blind, i don't know why they avoided the house. i just don't think we have kids in the neighborhood. >> you had a couple. >> sometimes neighborhood they go through periods where there is all young kid and they get older and age out and neighborhood turns over. >> yes. >> yeah. >> hopefully you had fun because we had a lot of news, we will bring it the to you. one of the things you may want to consider, it did happen? there is a strike. try biking a lot of people with do that. is there a bicycle coalition that has a lot of information about lanes to take. may want to consider that because it will take licensing tore get around. >> people looking for different ways which bike, do ride sharing service, septa union workers hit the picket line after failing to reach an contract agreement. bob kelly is following your travel, sue serio has forecast
4:57 am
but first lauren johnson, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, thomas. bill cosby and his defense team will be back in montgomery county in the courtroom this morning. hear what both side will argue in front of the judge ahead of the trial next year.
4:59 am
commuter nightmare, septa is officially on strike.
5:00 am
>> not able to come to an agreement with septa so as of 12:01 we're officially on strike. >> this morning we have team coverage for what this means for your morning commute, latest on talks, we have got you covered. also, bill cosby, back in court later today. how his defense team is scrambling to keep his accusers off the stan. the clock has run out, oh, boy, the new jersey gas tax hike goes into effect and if you think you are only ones feeling pain at the pump think again, the other places that will to have charge more because of the hike. well, good tuesday morning, we have lots of news on this day, first day of november i'm karen hepp with thomas drayton good morning. >> good to have you with us, facebook users said it the best, it will be an interesting morning. we are following breaking news. as you know septa workers are officially on strike. >> we have team coverage on this one, we have of course bob kelly and steve keeley but


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